Behind E6

Changes in electricity systems have always been provoked by technological evolutions :

  • Up to the 1990s, the electricity market featured highly capitalistic and centralized production means.\
    Structure of regulated monopolies

  • Combined-cycle gas turbines hit the electricity market in the 90s and caused a decrease in the financing size of individual unit because of a reduction in capacity rating.\
    The liberalization of the electricity market begins and the first electricity exchanges appear.

  • From 2000 to 2010, the electricity market changed radically under the important developments in intermittent renewable energy (with wind and PV farms) characterized by:

  1. an additional reduction in unit capacity size
  2. very low marginal cost of generation
  3. high intermittecy of generation.
Need for a new \(r\)evolution about in electricity systems management.

New technologies allow sharper supply and demand forecasting, better managing the intermittent production within the electricity markets.


Our mission is to manage intermittent renewable energy sources in Europe and worldwide.

As an energy aggregator, E6 serves producers to sell on the electricity market and can supply efficiently specific end user



We are a technology-based company that uses new algorithms and real-time data. We also take great advantage of the latest developments in Data Analytics.

Using our knowledge of the power markets and our advanced mathematical expertise, E6 has developed generation forecast algorithms and sales strategies to bring value to power production coming from intermittent renewable energy sources. Our solutions do not only fit wind, solar, and hydro power production, but also each site to better optimize its natural resources.


E6 provides support to you in the top-up payments market, the various calls for tenders or when feed-in tariffs have terminated.


E6 operates in Germany, France, and Switzerland and soon in Spain and UK.

We can also provide services to renewable energy stakeholders in many countries for specific projects. The technology developed by E6 can be adapted to any market environment or customer.

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