Production forecast

In order to help renewable energy electricity providers capitalize on the maximum potential from their generation, E6 proposes different production forecasts:

  • D+7 forecasts
  • D+1 forecasts
  • H+45 forecasts

Trading of power production within the framework of renewable energy support systems

We help to capitalize on the electricity generated by your installations within the framework of the renewable energy support systems.

Sale within the framework of the “market + top-up payments” system:

  • Reference income
  • Share of revenues coming from trading upsides

Trading of power production after the termination of Feed-in Tariffs

For installations that no longer benefit from support, E6 proposes value improvement through trading on the markets:

  • Purchasing at indexed prices
  • Sharing of revenues coming from trading upsides


E6 proposes support to producers in the development of future projects through:

  • Providing forecasts
  • Price modelling within business planning
  • An understanding of the electricity markets

Customized solutions can be developed for different markets.

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